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The most popular outdoor activities:

Experience The Mole

Starting from: 10 people
Starting price: € 19 p.p.
Duration: 3 hours

Hunt for the Power

Starting from: 12 people
Starting price: € 20.60 p.p.
Duration: 2.5 hours

The Inheritance

Starting from: 12 people
Starting price: € 20.60 p.p.
Duration: 3 hours

Citygame the Target

Starting from: 12 people
Starting price: € 20.60 p.p.
Duration: 2.5 hours

The most popular indoor activities:


Starting from: 10 people
Starting price: € 13.20 p.p.
Duration: 2.5 hours

Ranking the Stars

Starting from: 10 people
Starting price: € 15.70 p.p.
Duration: 2.5 hours


Starting from: 15 people
Starting price: € 47.20 p.p.
Duration: 4 hours

I Love Holland

Starting from: 10 people
Starting price: € 17.30 p.p.
Duration: 2.5 hours

Our impression video

An impression of one of our outings in 90 seconds? That's possible!
Check out the atmosphere impression video of 'Who is the Mole' played by Happiness Café below!

Our way of working

We take our work very seriously. Not too seriously, because it is supposed to be fun. However, we realise that a company outing can make a positive contribution to team building, or that it is the perfect way to relax after a busy period at work. That is why we always adapt to your wishes and do our utmost for each group, large or small. It usually becomes clear to us after five minutes why a group is with us. One group is very competitive, the other is purely there for relaxation and fun.

In both situations, as well as in all other cases, we try to ensure that our work is in line with that. Are you competitive as a group? Then we will ensure fair gameplay! Is your company outing primarily intended as a fun and relaxing get-together? We will make sure to let go of the reins and we won't take it too seriously.

Whatever the case may be, what matters most is that you feel at home with us. Our café is designed as a large living room, and our approach is informal. At the end of the day, we determine the rules of the house, but you can go any which way with us. You are not just booking a company outing with us, you are also booking a nice experience. We are called Beleef Eindhoven (Experience Eindhoven) for a reason. Eindhoven does not only represent knowledge, technology, football and design, but it foremostly represents fun - or the infamous Dutch word: gezelligheid. We are happy to contribute to that.

our core team:


Experienced, mature and involved team


We always think along with you

All in one

Activities, food and drinks


Self-developed activities


Our café, just for your group

Wij verzorgen bedrijfsuitjes, maar ook alle andere soorten groepsuitjes.

Op deze website richten wij ons specifiek op bedrijfsuitjes, personeelsuitjes, afdelingsuitjes en personeelsborrels. Daarom communiceren wij bijvoorbeeld de prijzen exclusief BTW. Binnenkort bieden wij ook via de website van Café Costa arrangementen aan voor vrijgezellenfeesten of vriendenuitjes! Als het zo ver is, vind je hier ook de link!

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