discount packages

If you are looking to have a great day, with all the trimmings, you book your company outing at Beleef Eindhoven. View our advantageous packages here!

How do the discount packages work?

We always apply a discount when you request a quote for larger groups. The specific discounts can be found on the pages of the activities. However, if you want a full-day program (two activities and a buffet) you will receive an extra discount! In our quotation form, choose an outdoor activity, an indoor activity and a random buffet, and receive another € 5 extra discount per person!

So, if you are with a large group and are looking for a full-day program, then you can get a lot of discount! For instance:

You select Experience the Mole as an outdoor activity and a Pub Quiz as an indoor activity.
You choose a Deluxe Dinner Buffet as your buffet option.
Your group consists of 50 people.

Normally, the costs would be € 67 per person including VAT.

However, because you are with a larger group and have opted for a full-day program, your discount is up to € 13 per person!

The costs per person are then only € 54 including VAT!

So, quickly go to our quotation form and immediately view the discount that your package yields. We thought that would be a nice bonus!

Kan je niet vinden wat je zoekt?

Geen zorgen. Je kunt altijd je eigen uitje samenstellen via de menu-optie 'Online je totaalprijs berekenen'. Wanneer je daar twee activiteiten en een buffet kiest, zorgen wij met een op maat gemaakte offerte dat jij de korting krijgt die daarbij hoort. Of:

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