Food & drinks

Company outings are not complete without a tasty snack & drink. We take care of everything under one roof: activities, food & drinks. Convenient, right? Book now!

Our buffets

We have plenty of options for vegetarian dishes!

Onze buffetten komen rechtstreeks van de traiteur/slager, dus alles is heerlijk vers bereid. Het Indonesisch buffet komt natuurlijk van een Indonesisch restaurant.

Deluxe dinner buffet (€ 18.90 ex. VAT)

Award-winning spare ribs

Award-winning meatballs

Chicken kebabs

Chicken-thigh fillets in Piri Piri sauce

Pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce

Potato gratin

Smoked salmon

Ardennes ham with melon

Carpaccio with truffle dressing

Vitello Tonato

Cold pasta salad with ham on the bone and fruit

Salad with tomato and goat cheese

Various types of bread and herb butter

Fruit salad for dessert

Spanish Tapas buffet (€ 18.90 excl. VAT)

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Award-winning spare ribs

Chicken kebabs

Large shrimp in oil

Salmon pieces


Patatas Bravas & Tortilla Espagnola

Olives & peppers

Dates with bacon

Serrano ham & Spanish sausage

Two types of cheese

Green salad with goat cheese

Olive bread & focaccia

Aïoli and tapenade

Fruit salad for dessert

Italian buffet (€ 18.90 excl. VAT)

Italian veal stew

Lasagne Bolognese (with minced meat)

Lasagne Vega (with eggplant and paprika)

Tagliatelle with spinach and salmon

Carpaccio with truffle dressing

Vitello Tonato (Veal fricandeau with tuna dressing)

Various cold antipasti meat

Antipasti cheese

Caprese salade (Tomaat, mozzarella, basilicum)

Cold vega pasta salad

Focaccia and bread


Fruit salad for dessert

Indonesian Buffet (€ 18.90 ex. VAT)

Beef in spicy sauce

Beef in soy sauce

Chicken in spiced sauce

Pork satay or chicken satay

Shrimp with petai beans

Whitebait in spicy sauce

Seasoned beans

Egg in sambal sauce

Cold vegetables in peanut sauce

Nasi & bami

Miscellaneous trimmings

Two types of prawn crackers

'Stamppot' buffet (€ 15.50 ex. VAT)

Mashed potatoes with kale and bacon bits

Mashed potatoes with carrot

Mashed potatoes with endive or sauerkraut

Artisanal ham in Cumberland sauce

(In)famous meatballs

Award-winning spare ribs

Fresh braised beef and onions


Fruit salad for dessert

Basic Buffet (€ 14 ex. BTW)

Gehaktballetjes in pangangsaus

Varkenshaas in champignonsaus

Kipfilet in kerriesaus

Versgemaakte aardappelsalade

Pastasalade met pesto

Ceasarsalade met kip

Ardennerham en meloen

Diverse broden en kruidenboter

Lunchbuffet (€ 10.50 ex. VAT)

Fresh tomato soup

Hard and soft rolls/sandwiches

Filet Americain

Meat salad

Egg salad

Roast ham

Grill sausage

Farmhouse cheese

Boiled eggs

Vegetable trimmings

To start with

Hieronder zie je onze ontvangstopties. Hieruit kan je straks kiezen bij je offerte-aanvraag. Wil je iets anders? Vraag ernaar wanneer je je offerte verstuurt.

Extra consumption

€ 2,50 (€ 2,87 incl.)

One drink per person, with choice of coffee, tea, beer from the tap, soft drinks, wine and some specialty beers.

Coffee with cake

€ 5,00 (€ 5,45 incl.)

A cup of coffee or tea and a variety of pastries, fresh from the bakery

Festive prosecco

€ 3,70 (€ 4,48 incl.)

A flute of Prosecco for a festive reception. Non-alcoholic is also possible. Please notify us in your request.

Coffee with cake

€ 3,70 (€ 4,03 incl.)

A cup of coffee or tea with at least two kinds of pastries

Our additions to any outing

Je kunt je uitje verder aanvullen met drankafkoop, een bittergarnituur of andere hapjes. Wanneer je iets anders wilt: vraag ernaar bij je aanvraag.

Drink buy-out per hour

€ 5.22 per person per hour (€ 6 incl.)

Unlimited drinking during your indoor activity, drinks or buffet? Then opt for the bar buy-out, at a reasonable price per person per hour. The standard range included: coffee, tea, beer from the tap, soft drinks, wine and a number of specialty beers. For other drinks: ask, it is all possible!

Various types of appetizers

Starting from € 3,00 per person (€ 3,27 incl.)

We have several other options. You will immediately see some of those options in the online price calculation. You can ask us about any other options in the 'comments' field. This varies from tapas dishes or grill snack dishes to a wide variety of Indonesian snacks. It is all possible.

Per consumption

€ 2.50 per drink (€ 2.87 incl.)

Uncertain whether a bar buy-out is the right choice for you? Are you moderate drinkers? Then you can also pre-pay an X number of drinks. If you exceed the purchased amount, you will receive an invoice afterwards. If that is not the case, nothing will happen. It is a matter of good estimation.

Bitter garnish (3 / 5 p.p.)

€ 1.50 (€ 1.64 incl.)/€ 2.40 (€ 2.62 incl.)

Some fried snacks during your quiz or other indoor activity? It is delicious, go for it! The fried snacks consist of traditional Dutch bitter balls, vegetarian egg rolls, tiny frikandels and chicken nuggets. With various sauces, of course.

Can’t find what you are looking for? You can always tell us your desires.

We can always compose a buffet that suits your desires in consultation. Also, we can discuss multiple diner options. Please let us know what you have a mind.



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