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Almost all of our activities are available in both Dutch and English. Some are only available in Dutch, if we feel that particular activity is not suited for an international group.

Fortunately, most of our activities appeal to both Dutch and non-Dutch contestants or participants. Where possible and needed, the content of our activities is also adapted to provide the best experience for international groups.

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For more information about the content of a particular activity or a quote, contact us. You can also calculate your own quote online, via this page (in Dutch only). These are our activities:


Who's the Mole
3 hours | from 10 participants | from € 20
Suspense | Puzzles | Exciting
Who's the Mole is played in teams of six. During two hours, you'll play creative assigments to earn money for the virtual account. You will also try and find the Mole in your team, who is covertly sabotaging the assignments!
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The Mole on Strijp-S
3 hours | from 10 participants | from € 20
Puzzles | Suspense | Excitement
Who's the Mole is also available on Strijp-S, where the teams also consist of six participants and the assigments are just as riveting as in our original version!
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The Inheritance
3 hours | from 12 participants | from € 20
Fun | Interaction | Photos
Teams of six people head into the city center. You play questions and photo assignments, but also challenges against other teams! The goal is to spend as much virtual money as possible by successfully completing these questions, assignments and challenges!
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The Hunt for Power
3 hours | from 12 participants | from € 20
Time pressure | Exciting | Search & Find
Hunt for Power is the sizzling citygame in which you hunt down The Don, an actual person walking around the city! You will enter the city center to collect clues about his/her appearance and location. You collect clues by answering the questions. Find The Don and win!
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2,5 hours | from 12 participants | from € 20
Escape Game | Inventive | Time pressure
This city game is for the true detectives among us! Which team will be the first to decipher the clues to find the secret location? Using a phone, our app and your brain will bring you victory! Challenging, exciting and just really fun to do!
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Operation Eindhoven
3 hours | from 12 participants | from € 20
Interaction | Varied | Fun
Explore Eindhoven with the most fun city game! Carry out assignments and answer questions via a phone, have fun and win! A cool game with all kinds of interactive possibilities. You will receive all photos in your mailbox afterwards!
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Citygame The Target
2,5 hours | from 12 participants | from € 20
Strategic | Cat & Mouse | Search & Find
Action citygame where one team commits virtual robberies, and the other teams try to find and stop them! Using an app, you'll play a cat and mouse game in the city center of Eindhoven. Work together and apprehend the criminal team!
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Customized citygame
3 hours | from 12 participants | from € 25,50
Customized | Your choice | Lots of possibilities
We will make your customized citygame! Using your input, company logo, and whatever else you wish, we create the citygame you want or need! Price depends on level of customizing.
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Tandem Ride
4 hours | from 16 participants | from € 14,50
Relax | Low key | De-stress
Provided with a photo-route, you'll enjoy our neighboring villages. During the ride, there are three optional resting places where you can get a drink (at own costs) or a snack. Beware: riding a tandem is not as easy as you might think!
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2,5 hours | from 10 participants | from € 14
Fun | Humor | Competition
Teams of five, one winning team. Many questions accompanied by audio, video or images. Two and a half hours of playtime, five rounds, including game instructions and award ceremony. The fun pubquiz that is suitable for everyone!
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Singalong Music Bingo
2,5 hours | from 12 participants | from € 16,50
Great ambiance | Singalong | Hilarious
Bingo old fashioned? No! You will play two rounds with two prizes each, crossing off all the numbers, which are announced through guilty pleasure sing-alongs! Bingo? Get ready for an assignment before you collect your prize!
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Ranking the Stars
2,5 hours | from 12 participants | from € 16,50
Disclosure | Anekdotes | Hilarious
Everyone fills out an online questionnaire in advance, which is then summarized into a game show. You will guess the answers in teams, and the team that guesses the most correct answers wins! Submitting your own questions is possible, and continuous guidance by an eloquent quiz master is included.
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Who's the Mole - Indoor
3 hours | from 10 participants | from € 16,50
Suspense | Puzzles | Exciting
Teams of six people, one Mole per team. Puzzle-like assignments full of creativity and challenge. Three hours total duration, including game instructions and award ceremony. No crazy assignments, but guaranteed fanaticism and gaming pleasure. Continuous guidance by a quiz master.
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The Big Music Quiz
2,5 hours | from 10 participants | from € 14
Varied | Fun | Recognition
In teams of five, you'll match-up against your co-workers to find out who is/are the musical genius(es) of the group. It's fun, it's recognizable and it's suited for eveyone who wants to have a good time!
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Karaoke & Drinks
3 hours | from 15 participants | from € 22,50
Hilarious | Party | Relaxing
Unlimited songs and drinks, competition but no mandatory participation! Everyone can join in, but if you don't want to: don't! A great night out for teams who are looking to chill and have fun at the same time. The best performance wins a prize!
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2,5 hours | from 12 participants | from € 22,50
Active | Fun | Catch up with friends
The activity that, more often than not, turns into a small party! Make your own cocktails (two p.p.) and start off with our welcome drink. Our energetic bartender will make you shake, and our music will make you dance! Non-alcoholic cocktails also possible.
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1,5 hours | from 15 participants | from € 12,50
Active | Swinging | Sensual
Suitable for everyone! Whether you're an experienced dancer or a novice, our instructor will help you on whatever level you're at. An ideal activity for teambuilding, by getting out of your comfort zone!
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2 hours | from 25 participants | from € 20,50
Teambuilding | Humor | Teamwork
Teamwork is key, when participating in our percussion workshop! Together you will create your own Samba, guided by our humorous instructor. An intense workshop with teamwork, humor and a stunning end result: what else could you wish for?!
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Theme Quiz
2,5 hours | from 10 participants | from € 14,50
50 shades- | Beer- | Fun-quiz
Our most popular quiz is still our pubquiz, but we also provide theme-quizzes: a 50 Shades of Grey quiz, a Beer-quiz and a Fun-quiz (= a pubquiz without the serious note). For large groups, we can even provide a fully customized quiz in your desired theme!
More information
Beer- or wine tasting
2,5 hours | from 20 participants | from € 20,50
Informative | Tasteful | Socializing
Looking for a simple but popular activity? Take a seat and let our beer- or wine sommelier inform and spoil you with our great wines (five types) or beers (seven types). Facts, fiction and great tastes will be reviewed!
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Your private party!
Quote on request
Great ambiance for every party
According to your wishes, we will provide in anything your party requires. 'All you can drink' options, buffets, snacks of all sorts, including staff, music and lighting. Tell us your needs, and we'll send you a clear quote!
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