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The funniest karaoke party in eindhoven


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The most fun karaoke in Eindhoven, because everything is possible and nothing is too wild. Total duration of four hours, including an extensive buffet, unlimited number of drinks* and a choice of more than 32,000 songs so you can go all out. Make sure you have the best performance (including attributes!), and who knows, you might win a great prize!

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* Drankafkoop onbeperkt 4 uur: koffie, thee, tappils, witbier van de tap, wijnen, fris, radlers, alcoholvrij- en rosébier

Karaoke at its best

Showing off your talents? You can do it during the most enjoyable karaoke party in Eindhoven! We will start with a delicious buffet of your choice and not to mention, a number of drinks, to give you a proper start before you start shining on the stage!

Nothing is too wild at Beleef eindhoven

Anything goes (Well... Almost anything!), nothing is too wild for the karaoke night at Beleef Eindhoven. The crazier, the better. The best performance of the night can win a prize, so make sure you stand out the most. Not a born performer? Of course, you do not have to participate - that is the great thing about this activity; everyone is free to do what they want.

And your playing for something!

You, as colleagues or friends, will compete in different rounds. You can sing solo, or in a duet or group. So, it is possible to sing your favourite songs to really show off your talents. Nothing to be embarrassed about! At Beleef Eindhoven, we will ensure that there are enough attributes for you to work with, and we will evaluate all the performances. Will you be the new Karaoke King or Queen of your colleagues or group of friends? We will be the judges and keep score. At the end of the evening, the artist with the best performance will be the winner!

Feel like shining on stage already?

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Alle onze activiteiten kunnen volledig op maat worden gemaakt.

Of je nu de activiteit inhoudelijk wilt aanpassen, deze bij jullie op kantoor wilt doen (WKR vriendelijk!) of de tijdsduur wilt aanpassen; het kan bijna altijd. Leg je ideeën voor en wij gaan de mogelijkheden bekijken. Wat je vraag of idee ook is, we doen ons best het voor elkaar te krijgen.



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