Music Bingo in Eindhoven

The fun sing-a-long version of the classic bingo!

In short:
Old fashioned? Not at Beleef Eindhoven! You will play two rounds with two prizes each, crossing off all the numbers, which are announced through guilty pleasure sing-alongs! Bingo? Then get ready for an assignment... Who knows, maybe you will be the one to call out 'BINGO!' and go home with a prize!

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The bingo in a nutshell

At our Guilty Pleasure Music Bingo, every participant plays for themselves. Score some nice prizes or save all your luck for the last prize of the evening which we can easily call the grand prize! Two prizes can be won per round. The first prize is for the first person to have two full rows, the second prize is for a full card. So, when someone calls Bingo, there is (almost) always still hope!

Pay attention while you swing on our wrong music

During the entire Bingo, all numbers are communicated through our really bad music playlist. We will play a song, and you will have to look it up in our music list that is on the table. Each song corresponds to a number. Are you the first one to get Bingo with two rows? Then an assignment will follow... Perform the assignment well and take the prize home! After this, we will go for the full card. Are you the first one to get a full card? Step forward, and claim your prize. However... there is still that one crazy (fun) job you need to do first. Win the assignment and only then win the prize!

Six prices with a minimum of 1 main prize!

Playing Bingo at Beleef Eindhoven is not only secretly exhilarating and a whole lot of fun - you also play for the prizes, of course! We think the prizes should be worth the effort so we make sure to always have fun prizes. Depending on the group size, even one or more main prizes! Do you want to know what we mean by that? Then quickly book this fun activity!

Bring on the Bingo!

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