Percussion workshop

Banging on drums is more fun than you might think!

In short:
With the entire group, accompanied by a very humorous and experienced instructor, you will learn to play a real Samba! In the span of about an hour and a half, you will perform a rhythmic whole. Humour, sense of rhythm, togetherness and lots of fun, that is the percussion workshop!

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Drumworkshop? Percussionworkshop in Eindhoven!

It's not just banging on the drums, it is about listening, to each other and to yourself. Adapt your rhythm to the group and pay attention to what the instructor indicates. If you do your very best - after some practice and strict words - a real Samba will be born from your efforts! Believe us when we say that everyone will be overjoyed afterwards!

Humor and teambuilding

The instructor guarantees two things: humour and team building. He has been giving workshops for many years and has learned that humour ensures that the group will come together as a whole, and that team building really occurs when something unexpected is put together. You will work on creating a Samba for over an hour and a half, and you will definitely succeed!

In the end, you will almost sound professional

You start off with the workshop, and after a break (drinks are optional), you continue with the second part of the workshop full of regained energy. You will naturally be exhausted after playing the entire practised Samba flawlessly. That will be perfect as it will be just in time for one of our delicious buffets. Feel free to browse this page about what our buffets entail!

Drum roll... Samba!

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Alle onze activiteiten kunnen volledig op maat worden gemaakt.

Of je nu de activiteit inhoudelijk wilt aanpassen, deze bij jullie op kantoor wilt doen (WKR vriendelijk!) of de tijdsduur wilt aanpassen; het kan bijna altijd. Leg je ideeën voor en wij gaan de mogelijkheden bekijken. Wat je vraag of idee ook is, we doen ons best het voor elkaar te krijgen.



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