The Inheritance

Finish with the emptiest wallet and win!

In short:
Teams of +/- six people and one tablet per team. You play questions and photo assignments but also challenges against other teams. The goal is to spend as much virtual money as possible by successfully completing these questions, assignments and challenges. After two hours of play, we watch the gameplay together. The team with the emptiest wallet wins! No weird assignments, but guaranteed fun.

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The groups outing where you're allowed to spend money!

We start with an introduction video about the recently deceased Hendrikus van Barneveld. The Inheritance belongs to the team that can spend money best, which you do by answering questions, performing photo assignments and challenging other teams. Before you start spending money like water, there are some rules that you need to know... We have already given the most important one: to win the Inheritance, you must end up with as little money as possible in your virtual wallet!

The inheritance is not just a game

The Inheritance in Eindhoven is a game that is unanimously well-received. After all, you get the chance to answer challenging questions, take awesome photos of your team members, play casino games against other teams and set traps to thwart your opponents. The opportunities to lose money are endless because any well-executed action costs you money - and let that be exactly the point! The chance of winning is determined by your fanaticism, but fun is paramount. This activity is designed so that everything goes smoothly: you walk from point to point using a map, and the software on our tablet automatically shows the question or assignment that belongs to each point. You spend money for two hours, but beware: time really flies!

Close citygame the inheritance with a delicious buffet!

You will probably be hungry after battling for so long. At Beleef Eindhoven, you can also arrange a tasty buffet for all participants. You can do no wrong with the choice of a deluxe dinner buffet, but there are also Spanish, Italian or Indonesian food options. Request a quote and choose from one of our fresh buffets!

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