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The only real Escape Game in Eindhoven!

In short:
Escape Game created with actual Escape Room developers. Puzzle-like assignments full of creativity and physical attributes. Two hours of playtime, three hours total duration, including game instructions and prize ceremony.

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De Escape Game in open air!

There are Escape Games, and then there is this Escape Game. Specially developed in collaboration with real pioneers; the developers of the first Escape Room in the Netherlands! This game has all the features of an Escape Room, including physical attributes and awesome 'Eureka!' moments.

fysieke attributen en breinkrakers

A good escape game consists of several elements. The most important are, of course, the logical brain-teasers and some physical attributes. Both are sufficiently present in this activity, and what makes it even better is that this game is played outdoors!

The story leads you to different locations where you have to decipher and solve different puzzles. Eventually, you will receive various codes and pieces of information, and it is up to you to open a box containing a number of important attributes. Are you using these physical pieces the right way? Then you will find the Escape location. Cryptic, right? Exactly...

In addition to the regular escape elements, the accompanying software also has great opportunities to thwart your opponents, the other teams. That entails the necessary interaction!

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