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You play 'Experience the Mole' in teams of +/- 6 people. One Mole per team sabotages assignments for two hours. No crazy assignments, but assignments full of creativity and challenge, and guaranteed fanaticism. Including game instructions and prize ceremony, the activity lasts three hours. During the game, you are in constant contact with the game leader via a tablet.

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You'll find the best 'The Mole' activity at Beleef in Eindhoven!

Experience the Mol is based on the well-known television program where one person has to sabotage all assignments - without being detected. Beleef Eindhoven has a number of unique assignments with which the Mole and the teams have a lot of fun. Play the game in the heart of the city centre, and rake in as much virtual money as possible with the assignments. But beware... The Mole does not sit idly by!

Enigmatic good!

Who is the Mole is really brought to life at Beleef Eindhoven. The assignments are playful, creative and puzzle-like in nature. You explore the city centre while performing five different assignments. The goal is to make as much virtual money as possible for the pot as a team, because the team with the largest pot is ultimately the big winner!

To sabotage or hunt to victory?

The Mole's objective is to sabotage the teams unobtrusively but efficiently so that the pot does not get filled up as much as it could. This needs to be done as subtly as possible so that you retain your trustworthiness. No need to worry, the team does not have to do any 'crazy' assignments and contact with passers-by is not necessary (but it is sometimes smart to do so). In addition, each team is in constant contact with us to ensure that the game runs as smoothly as possible.

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