Crack the safe: Codecrackers

The exciting quest to victory!


In short:
this city game is for the true detectives among us. Thinking, collaborating and figuring it out are the keywords here. An ideal mix between Escape Room and Crack the Safe! Which team will be the first to decipher the clues to find the final location and eventually crack the safe? Challenging, exciting and just really fun to do together. Crack the codes and make sure your team triumphs!


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The goal

The ultimate goal of the game is to open a lock. This lock is opened based on a cryptic description. However, you will not get this description until you have found the final location in the city. Collect clues, find the final location and open the lock!

clues in various forms

On the tablet, you can see points or clues in various forms (text, photo or audio). Some clues are very straight forward, the others you figure out from puzzles or cryptic descriptions. You can also see temporary clues on the map. These are clues that only apply to the team that arrives first, so be quick!

thwart other teams

You can also see various markets on the map, which can be of great value. At a market, you get items that you can use to thwart the other teams! Think of planting fake clues or stealing a clue. If you have collected enough clues throughout the city to determine the final location, then you start looking. Did you find the final location? Then hurry back to the starting location. A chest containing a reward awaits you. However... will you be able to be the first to open it? Good luck!

Is your inner detective awake?

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