Hunt for Power

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In short:
Hunt for Power is the sizzling city game in which you hunt down the mob boss in the city, ‘The Don’, an actual person walking around the city somewhere! As gangster teams, you will hit the town to collect all sorts of clues about his/her appearance and location. You collect clues by answering the questions correctly. The tips will lead you to The Don. Find The Don and win!

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Hunt for Power: This is what you can expect

The group is divided into several gangster teams of about six people. You will head for the centre of Eindhoven simultaneously. Each team gets a tablet with the game Hunt For Power. You move randomly from one location to another, guided by your tablet and a map. At every location, you will find a virtual person who can be bribed or extorted; after all, everyone has a price... Which one of you will turn into a feared mobster and win the game?

Blackmailing and bribing: This is how you'll become the best!

When you arrive at a virtual person, you will be asked a question. Do you know the answer? Then this person makes themselves available to be bribed or extorted. In both cases, it yields money, but just as important, it will yield a clue about the appearance or location of The Don. Use these clues to find The Don as quickly as possible to win the game! You win the game by finding The Don and making as much money as possible. Did you find The Don? Then continue extorting and bribing fictitious people in order to build up the highest capital!

Collect all the data at the end

At the end of the game, you will receive a complete summary with all sorts of fun statistics and the full course of the game. The best highlights are presented. The team that finds The Don and collects the biggest capital wins the game. This game includes one drink, extensive game instructions, attributes and use of tablets with software.

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