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Eindhoven is continuously growing as a tech giant, which automatically means the demand for English outings has increased as well. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Almost all of our activities are available in English. But how will you know what our activities are about? Check out the image on the right! Every activity that’s available in English is summarized in English, simple as that. Click on the ‘Summary (ENG)’ button and there’s an extended summary of the activity. Of course, this might not cover exactly what you want to know. No problem! Give us a call (or send an e-mail) and we’ll answer any questions you might have. Also, most browsers have an option to translate the entire website, and nowadays, that’s quite the accurate translation!

We hope these summaries help out a bit as well. If not, please let us know what we can improve. For now, we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know via our regular contact options. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Beware: The filters are based on our own experience. Having doubts about an activity? Give us a call or send an email!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the location of our outing in Eindhoven going to be?

First of all: All of our locations (our own location as well as the locations of our partners) are located in the center of Eindhoven. If you so desire, locations outside of the center of Eindhoven are also available. To answer the initial question: That depends on a number of factors: Your group size for the outing, our schedule on the day you requested, and your budget. We’ve got our own location, where we can host events for groups up until 75 participants. For smaller groups (15 people, for example) we might book a location that more suited for a smaller group, and for groups exceeding our maximum capacity at our own café, we’ve got various options, depending our your budget. We will always take your wishes into account, whenever possible!

Is it possible to switch from an outdoor activity to an indoor activity, when the weather lets us down?

Expecting bad weather? Up until 48 hours (under certain circumstances maybe even 24 hours), you’ve got the possibility to give us a call to explore the options. If we’ve got a location available for an indoor activity, that might be an option. But, for us, bad weather means that the weather will significantly influence the enjoyment of the activity. A few drops of rain are, in our humble opinion, not a reason to switch to an indoor activity. Of course, when in doubt, give us a ring! Cancellation is never really an option. Only very special circumstances may lead to cancellation, but there are always other, more acceptable options for both parties.

Can you hold into account any dietary restrictions?

Yes, we’ve got the most common dietary restrictions covered by default. Allergies per dish for example (but also vegetarian wishes), are communicated through info-cards that are accompanying the dishes when the buffet is presented. There are almost always more than enough choices for those with allergies. In our communication beforehand, we will also always ask you about dietary restrictions, so if anything does stand out, we’ll make sure we’ll take it into account and provide enough alternatives. Beware: Halal is a preference we need to know two weeks in advance, since this is special meat that our caterer needs to order in advance.

Can we make our own schedule for the outing?

Yes, you may decide what the schedule of your outing in Eindhoven is going to look like; for example, whether you’ll eat first and then play a quiz, or you’d like to have it the other way around. Or, if you’d like to play a GPS citygame but you don’t like the duration of the game, we can shorten it, or extend the duration to your liking. If it so happens we’ve got a conflict in our own schedule, we’ll let you know what the alternative would look like. It almost never happens we can’t comply with your schedule, but if it does, we’ll have an alternative ready!

We've got a small budget. Is it possible to take that into account?

That depends. For us, groups ranging from 10 – 30 participants are small to average in size. We can always have a look at your wishes for an outing in Eindhoven, but our possibilities are limited when it comes to additional discounts for groups of this size. As you might notice when your playing around with our online quotation tool, bigger groups get significantly bigger discounts. If your budget is still not sufficient including these discounts, please do contact us. We can, for example, change the contents of a buffet more suited for your budget, or we can add an additional discount at the expense of a decrease in the duration of your activity or your ‘all you can drink’ arrangement. For us, there are always possibilities to adapt to your wishes or budget. Just let us know your (im)possibilities!

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