A pub quiz in Eindhoven without knowledge questions!

In short:
a pub quiz in Eindhoven, brimming with fun! Only fun questions and facts that everyone knows something about! Five rounds of questions and assignments from the most diverse categories. Light-hearted and especially fun. If you would like, you can submit your own questions (in any form). Or let us handle it. It is all possible. Including a quiz master and a nice prize for the winner! 

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Funquiz in Eindhoven: this is what you can expect

The groups consist of four to a maximum of seven people per group, for ultimate fun. The quiz consists of five rounds of pure hilarity with questions and assignments from all kinds of different categories. You will be amazed by the facts that we come up with! Many of the questions are introduced by audio or video clips, so there is no way this quiz is dull. Our quiz master not only ensures a fun evening but also checks whether everything is running fairly and smoothly. At the end of the game, we will tally the results and make sure a tasty prize awaits the winners.

not only fun, also personalized

At Beleef Eindhoven, it is all about your - you guessed it - experience. Do you want your own theme or do you want to add lots of questions to the Fun Quiz? Nothing is too wild for us! Well, alright, almost nothing. For example, would you like a full-bodied specialty beer or a refreshing drink in addition to our standard range? Let us know in your request and we will take care of it!

The Difference with a pub quiz

There is not a lot of difference between a Pub Quiz and a Fun Quiz. To begin with, a Fun Quiz contains a couple of assignments, which means that the 'doers' among you can also make a difference. In addition, the questions in our Fun Quiz are even less focused on factual knowledge than in our Pub Quiz. That means that everyone, including those who have less fun remembering facts, can make the difference between winning and losing. That is what fun is about!

Bring on the Fun Quiz!

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